Mr. & Mrs. Dalton | Southern Lea Farms Chipley, FL

A Perfect Monday Wedding

I could just leave the blog post as that one sentence and after looking at the images, you would understand and agree with my point of view. 

Kim & Joey said I Do at Southern Lea Farms on September 24,2018 and while their day started off with a little rain the day was absolutely beautiful.

Luckily by the time I arrived at the venue, the rain had started to stop, so I was able to capture those beautiful details and then we took a stroll to the perfect path for their first look without any issues.

When Kim and I approached the path, I let her know that Joey’s back would be to her and whenever she wanted, she could say his name for him to turn around or tap him on the shoulder. She choose to tap him on the shoulder and it was the most perfect moment as she tapped him on the shoulder and he saw her for the first time. I let her know that they should take their time to talk, laugh, hug, twirl, whatever was natural for them.

Well they were adorable! They just looked at each other and both had smiles ear to ear. They hugged and laughed. Their precious son was there also and it was such a precious moment.

The day went on perfectly. From the ceremony, to taking portraits outside, to Kim’s father and father in-law giving the toast that had people smiling and tearing up!

Joey & Kim, from getting to photograph your maternity pictures and newborn pictures, to sharing your wedding day; I had witnessed your love for each other and your love for your beautiful son and your wonderful family and friends. You two are absolutely wonderful together and I wish you and your family so much happiness! Thank you for being your easy going and funny selves!

Blessings! :)