About ME

Hi Friends!!

I am Keisha and I started KW Photography a few years back with my daughter, Kristen. Kristen decided a while back she didn’t want to pursue photography right now so it just me and of course my husband, Chad who does a lot for me behind the scenes! He supports me in all of my crazy ideas and is my number 1 fan!

I love Jesus, my family ( 3 beautiful kids) , our 2 dogs & 2 cats, sunsets and sweet tea!

My favorite things to do is trying different restaurants with my family. I don’t like to order the same dish twice if I don’t have too. My husband and I love to go visit antique shops and if we are in a new town we will be on the hunt to find one. When I am at home and have a moment to relax I am usually in the bed curled up with a good book. I love to read.

I am really very passionate about photography and I love capturing the beauty in people. My speciality is Modern Fine Art Portraiture with children, bridal, & maternity clients.

My goal is letting you have fun, feel comfortable, and feel beautiful during our time together . I have loved meeting all my clients and creating friendships along the way.

Collect Memories Not Things! 


Thank you for stopping by!

Thanking my Savior Jesus for all I have been Blessed with! 

Keisha Williams